July 29, 2014 § Leave a comment

Guys, pay attention to the story she tells near the beginning.
When women complain that they are constantly being judged on how they look, there are always a few guys who say, “So are we!” And yes, you are, everyone is, I’m not denying that.
But men are *not* judged on their appearance to the pervasive degree women are. A woman can’t express an opinion without people dissecting whether or not her *outfit* supports her opinion.
Yes, there are certain ways one dresses for certain things, and both men and women are both going to be judged if they don’t conform to that.
The difference is, women continue to have their appearance scrutinized, and their entire worth based on that scrutiny, outside of those situations.
Have you ever read an article about a man wherein the writer said he said some great things, but he doesn’t believe it because of what kind of shorts he was wearing?
The first time I remember seeing this it was the early 80s, I was just just a wee child and a huge Madonna fan. I remember a rant she had about interviewers asking her more questions about her belly button than about her music.
This is insane, people!


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