This is What a Feminist Looks Like

July 18, 2014 § Leave a comment


This is what a feminist looks like.
Does that surprise you? Should I be more manish?
Should I forego the bright red nails and lips that make me happy in order to better fit the feminist stereotype the patriarchy convinced you was real in order to dissuade you from fighting for your own freedom?
Does that sound paranoid? Is it really that hard to believe that the very same society that taught you that looks were the most important thing about a woman then used that very fear they created and told you we were ugly and manish to keep you from listening to us? That the people who taught you that boys won’t like you if you’re “too successful” then told you that we would reject you if you aren’t career obsessed?
“But why would they do that?”
It’s not malicious. Not really. And these things are so ingrained the majority don’t even realize they’re doing it. But to answer your question, they do it because it keeps them in power.
This is what feminism is about. Balancing out the power.  Gender equality. And this is what a feminist looks like.

Would it make you feel better to know I don’t shave my legs? This is not a feminist mandate, but rather a personal choice. I do shave my pits, because smelly. But frankly I encourage men to at least keep theirs trimmed for the same reason.
And you know what? Last night I went out on a warm summer evening bare legged in a short sundress and no one said a damn thing and most people didn’t even notice.
Not like when I went to the zoo with my family wearing shorts. People glared at my hairy legs.

Wait. Let’s think about that for a moment. People are so accustomed to women’s bodies belonging to the public and not themselves that not only were total strangers actively offended by a personal choice that does not affect them in any way, but they felt so completely justified in judging a total stranger’s body that they openly *glared* at my *legs.*
My legs, apparently, make them angry for existing in their natural form.

This is what a feminist looks like. Feminine, red lips, red nails, sundresses, and hairy legs. Because these are all *my* choices. Feminists can look like anyone, any woman, any man, any trans, anyone. That’s kind of the entire point.


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