When will feminism stop being necessary?

July 16, 2014 § Leave a comment

When women can walk down the street without fearing for their lives.
When everyone who does the same work gets paid the same.
When men get equal consideration in custody hearings.
When rape victims stop being asked what they were wearing.
When all rape victims can come forward without fear.
When people accept that a lot of them will be men.
When strangers and men stop thinking they have some right over women’s bodies.
When the prize is no longer “getting the girl” because women are not prizes, but people with free agency.
When girls toys aren’t all pink. In fact,  when there are no longer “girls’ toys” and “boys’ toys.”
When both moms and dads can either stay home with the kids or work depending on what works for their families without being a social pariah.
When people stop debating whether or not marital rape is a thing.
When it stops being socially acceptable to threaten to rape a woman or girl because of something she did in am online video game.
When boys are taught about consent, what constitutes rape, and not to ever touch a woman without explicit permission as fervently as women are taught how to avoid being raped.
When a man wearing a skirt or dress is as socially acceptable as a woman wearing pants.
When we drop the attitude that girl on girl is hot, but boy on boy is gross.
When the words “slut” and friendzone” are both gone from our vocabulary.
When the only advice you’ll get from Pick Up Artists is, “Dude, talk to her, she’s a human being.”
When people understand why I include points of male equality when I talk about feminism, because while the established patriarchy hurts women more and in more obvious ways, it hurts men, too, in insidious ways, that the patriarchy tells them it isn’t manly to talk about.
When women can talk about trauma without being told they’re overreacting.
When I meet a woman who’s never been street harassed or been the victim of non consensual sexual contact.


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