To my fellow women: You are capable of more than being looked at.

July 16, 2014 § Leave a comment

You are capable of more than being looked at.

You don’t see dozens of viral images about how much men should weigh.
Or endless articles tearing down actors and male models and male singers for gaining or losing weight, followed by more articles about how the other articles about him are shallow.
People don’t argue about the muffin top on men who’s appearance is not related to their work.
Men don’t get given butt floss as a sports uniform.
Why are women always judged on thier appearance no matter WHAT they’re doing?
This is bullshit.
How many times do you hear things like,
“Hot girls say they want nice guys, but go for douchebags.”
“Hot girls never go for geeks.”
Do you see what’s wrong with these sentiments? They both boil down to,
“Why don’t girls I chose for thier appearance choose me for my personality?”
It’s perfectly acceptable to judge women based on appearance, but shallow to judge men the same way.

Women TEAR EACH OTHER APART over appearance and body image.
Men think its perfectly reasonable to lambast women they’ll never meet for not meeting thier standards of fuckabilty.

This is insane, people.

And it has to start with us, ladies.
We need to STOP tearing each other apart and judging each other.
And we need to START telling the general public that thier opinion of our appearance means exactly nothing.
We need to tell men that we will choose our mates, and couldn’t give a rat’s ass whether ANYONE ELSE thinks we are fuckable, because its simply not relevant.


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