Real Men

July 16, 2014 § Leave a comment

I really, really don’t like the terms “real men” or “real women.” Yes, magazine pictures are fake in the sense of professional make up, clever lighting, and airbrushing of the photos after the fact, and yes, even horrible photo shopping.

But when it comes down to it, these are all actually people who do exist, ergo they’re real.

The issue we’re generally addressing when we use these terms is that of realistic bodies. Common body types. What people you could actually meet are likely to look like.
Whether or not the standards we are setting for ourselves are attainable, or if we are competing with people who started with rare genetic advantages, and top that with the time and money to devote to “perfecting” their appearance.

While there are many wonderful campaigns popping up everywhere to promote realistic beauty standards for women, I’m not seeing any for men, aside from the campaigns that are for both, which delight me to no end.
And while there’s no denying women are far more likely to be judged solely on their appearance, and looks in general are a much bigger part of being a woman than being a man, it is completely unfair to deny that men are also very insecure about their bodies and their appearance as well. We need to support them, too.

For me, I much prefer what the common man looks like. Those airbrushed, sculpted bodies in magazines may be nice to look at, but I honestly have no interest in touching. They don’t make me want to grab them and cuddle them. I’ve dated men of every size and shape, and there are things I like about each of them.
I like boys. Skinny boys, chubby boys, boys who climb on rocks…
Men, you are fantastic creatures.


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