On shopping at WalMart: DON’T

July 16, 2014 § Leave a comment

I care about how the companies I patronize treat their employees.
And lack of money is no excuse. Costco is a *discount* store.
Can’t do bulk and/or membership dues? While not the bastion of well treated employees Costco is, WinCo is employee owned, pays a damn sight better than WalMart, and their prices are actually *lower than WalMart.
There is no goddamn excuse for shopping at WalMart. As a former grocery worker, I find it personally offensive to give those assholes one red cent. No, I am not overreacting.
I am disgusted with a society that is not only more concerned with saving a few bucks (which, by the way, just comes right back out of your wallet as taxes to pay for the food stamps and medical coupons for WalMart employees) than they are about their fellow human beings, but are also apparently too stupid to realize they can actually save just as much, if not more, money doing 10 whole minutes of research and shopping elsewhere.
They only boycott that’s going to work is if enough people never, ever, for any reason, buy anything at WalMart ever. Let their doors close and let their employees get jobs at all the new Costcos that will pop up to replace them.


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