Geek Girls

July 16, 2014 § 3 Comments

This whole “fake geek girl” thing has to stop. Yes, I’m annoyed by girls in glasses with no lenses wearing shirts for things they’ve never seem/played/read, but the thing is, this debate isn’t hurting them, it’s hurting us.

Because of this crap I find myself cringing whenever I hear a female refers to herself as geekier than another. You think you’re geekier than me? I bet I have geeky obsessions you don’t. But you think yours have more geek cred than mine. And on and on.


I’m plenty geeky enough for “normal” people to look down on me for it. So why the fuck are we judging each other now?

I got into geeky things because I didn’t want to play the judgmental games other girls played. And I bet you did, too. So why are we now doing it to each other?

So what if geeky is a fad now? Fads fade, they always do, and some of them will stay on and geek out with us, as always happens when some fringe thing gets “cool,” and some will move on to the next thing. And that’s ok. It’s good even. But what will hurt us geeky girls far more than some trend followers hanging around us for a while is if we start doing the things we went geek to avoid, ie, judging each other and putting each other down.

I am a geek. I’m a scifi geek, a fantasy book geek, a Doctor Who geek, a Joss Whedon geek, a Star Trek geek, and a light comic fan and light gamer. You may be more into those last two than I, you may be less into the first five than I, or somewhere in between on any of them. And that’s ok. Let’s all just be geeks together and stop judging each others geekdom. We get enough of that crap from the rest of the world, let’s not give them the satisfaction of getting us doing it to each other.

Something most of you probably don’t realize about me is, I live in *constant fear* of being branded a “fake geek girl.”

It’s absurd, I’ve been a geek/nerd/dork my whole friggin life. Even my adolescent rebellion, where I dropped off the honor roll, started skipping school and getting high and running away from home, what did we do? We played Vampire the Masquerade. We got stoned and beat older boys at Mario.
I grew up around NorWesCon and RustyCon. Watching TNG every week was a family event. Our living room was used mostly for reading and watching things made by the BBC.
I’ve been an outcast due to my nerdiness my whole life.

Yet now, because I wear makeup, and I have a handful of social skills, and I’m not an introvert, and I haven’t played a tabletop RPG in years (due to lack of opportunity more than lack of interest, hint hint), and at game nights I gravitate toward the social games and shy away from the strategy games, I get told I’m not geeky enough. I get treated like a hanger on.

The rest of the world still gives me dirty looks for sitting alone reading a scifi novel or gawds forbid a comic book, and yet the community that once welcomed me with open arms is starting to get fragmented and cliqueish, and it breaks my heart.

More geeky, less geeky, I don’t give a flying fuck, I love you all!


§ 3 Responses to Geek Girls

  • Chelsi says:

    Well said!!!


  • Gwywnnydd says:

    I wore flannel and baggy shorts before Nirvana introduced the rest of the world to grunge, and I continued to wear it when people tried to accuse me of following fashion (seriously? Have you _met_ me?!?).
    I was a geek before it was cool, I will continue to be a geek when it stops being cool.


    • Autoneurotic says:

      Every time someone would accuse me of doing any aspect of “grunge” to “be cool” I would just start laughing. They stopped pretty quick.
      My favorite was the hair, when I’d point it was the exact same hair they’d made fun of me for 5 years earlier.


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